Life pod

In our presentations about the life pod it is important that we maintain our focus on the main objectives of this activity.
  • We are raising money to help needy children survive
  • That if we raise $2500 we can raise enough money to sponsor n 1 whole life pod
  • We need to convince a large number of people that this is a worthwhile cause.
  • We attractively present our our information in a variety of ways
  • Our information has to be reliable accurate and grammatically correct

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    Image result for life pod nz
  • Your first task is tto assemble at least 12 important relevant facts
  • To do this read the following articles carefully
  • Lifepod 1
  • Lifepod 2

It is necessary for all our basic presentatioms to include the following material
What is a life pod
Why are we doing this
Who is Ray Avery and why is he doing this
What is the Lifepod and who is it for
How does the lifepod work
What can people do to help