As part of our sustainability project we are to undertake an investigation in to an alternative energy sources

The primary purpose of our presentation is to inform our viewers [in an interesting way ]about the possibilities of the fuel we are studying.
The presentation should contain the following aspects.
  • An introduction which includes information about present power sources
  • A statement on why you selected this type of power
  • A description on how the power works
  • What are the advantages of this power type
  • What is the potential of this power source
  • What are the disadvantages of this power
  • How will this power help in the future
Make sure your presentation is both interesting and informative
Remember that people must view it for it to be effective
People tend not to read long complicated statements
Pictures can convey information very effectively
Good oral presentations are effective at communicating.

Make sure you talk about present power sources.
Tell why you selected your power source

Describe how your source works
Include pictures and diagrams
Tel about the advantages of your source
Te about possible disadvantages
How will this source be improved in the future?

Revisit your reason for selecting it
Make a concluding summation of it's benefits.