After our class discussion we decided that as part of our Turangawaewae ,and to celebrate the century of ANZAC with a special presentation.

Read this article on Anzac day,and use the recipe to make your Anzac biscuits

One of the things that most helped to establish our identity New Zealander's is th e friendship we developed with Australians.

So as part of our focus on establishing our identity we are going to imagine what it was like to be there

Imagine you are sending a parcel to your brother or dad who is at Gallipoli

In the parcel will be your anzac biscuits and any other goodies you think they may like


Write a letter to your relation telling them about life at home [it is 1915]

Make some ANZAC biscuits to go in your parcel

Make an ANZAC poppy to go on our classroom wall

Extra for experts

Make a comic strip or animation about Anzac day which shows what it means to you.

Comic strip

ANZAC history

ANZAC landing

Anzac questions

Biancas ANZAC
Samuels ANZAC